Justice and Peace is a church ministry, the Jesus’ way of life, through which committed Catholics take responsibility to transform injustices in society: injustices against human dignity and human rights; against God’s creation, using scriptures and the Social Teachings of the Church [STCs]. We the Justice & Peace Chapter at Holy Trinity Parish, help empower people [at our parish and the surroundings], to deal with issues of injustice so as to transform themselves and the society.

Since it is the church’s role to be the conscience of the society, we [JP], take this responsibility at Parish level. Our spirituality embraces the values of Jesus [Faith and Love] and expresses them through words and actions, by building relationships, guided by the Holy Spirit. We meet at least once a month on Sundays after the 9:30 am Mass, usually at 11am and for an hour.

We look at some of the following issues within the parish’s small Christian communities [SCCs] and the geographical area surrounding our parish: fairness and equality; injustices in families, small Christian communities, at workplaces, as well as political and environmental injustices, not forgetting the assisting of immigrants on issues which deal with all the above. We use the pastoral cycle and the STCs, which we also teach to groups as and when requested. Our aim being to transform the society in terms of J & P, hence we say: IF YOU WANT / LONG FOR PEACE, COME JOIN US AND WORK FOR JUSTICE!!!”

Contact Details

Matthew Augustine – 078 865 1185 Email: padreaug@yahoo.com
Francis Zvigo: Email: franciszvigo@hotmail.com