We extend a very special welcome to those couples of our faith and of our Parish who wish to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Matrimony in our parish church. It is a joy to be able to prepare couples for this sacrament and to celebrate this sacrament by which two people are bound together in this covenant of love.

Notice should be given to one of the priests or deacon at least SIX MONTHS beforehand. This is a parish and diocesan requirement.

The sacrament of Holy Matrimony is usually celebrated on a Saturday. However, requests for any other day of the week will be considered. Please finalise arrangements with the parish before confirming your wedding reception! Bookings for weddings depend on the availability of the priest or deacon, and other scheduled parish activities like other weddings or confessions. (Confessions are on Saturdays at 4:45pm) NO weddings can commence later than 3:00pm.

To be married at Holy Trinity, one or other of the couple should be a parishioner and practising their faith. If this is not the case, then we invite you to use this time of preparation for marriage as an opportunity to return to the practice of the faith. The parish clergy will give every assistance in this regard. Clergy from Holy Trinity will not oblige to do weddings at wedding venues or places that are not Catholic Churches.

A diocesan pre-marriage preparation course is run numerous times during the course of the year for all couples in the Johannesburg area. This course covers some of the many aspects of preparation for both the sacrament as well as for married life. An information pamphlet giving details and dates of the courses is obtainable from the parish office. Attendance at this course is a requirement for those wanting to marry in this parish and in the Archdiocese of Johannesburg.

In addition to the Archdiocesan course, all couples are prepared individually in the parish. Sacramental preparation is done by the priest or deacon who will preside at the marriage.

Please direct all enquiries to the parish. They will also provide extensive details regarding marriage preparation and process – documents required by Church and Civil Authority, the organist costs and availability of dates and times etc.